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Rose Tyler
Rose tyler
Mickey Smith
Doctor who mickey 2
Harriet Jones
Harriet jones
Captain Jack Harckness
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The Face of Boe
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Lynda Moss
Lynda Moss
Controller (Bad Wolf)

1 Rose

Nineth Regeneration

Meet Rose, Mickey, Jackie

Major Enemy: 

Living Plastic, Autons,

Nestene Consciousness

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2 The End of the World

Meet Harriet Jones

Major Enemy: Cassandra

3 The Unquiet Dead Major Enemy: The Gelf
Unquiet Dead
4 Aliens of London Major Enemy: Slitheen

(Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-

Day Slitheen)

Images (5)
5 World War Three Major Enemy: Slitheen

(Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-

Day Slitheen)

275px-World War 3 (Doctor Who)
6 Dalek

Major Enemy: Dalek,

Henry van Statten

7 The Long Game

Major Enemy: Jagrafess,

The Editor

1-07-the long game 115
8 Father's Day

Meet Peter (Our World)

Major Enemy: Reapers

Father's Day (3)
9 The Empty Child

Meet Captain Jack

Major Enemy: Empty Child

10 The Doctor Dances Major Enemy: Empty Child
11 Boom Town

Major Enemy: 

Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-

Day Slitheen (Margaret Blaine)

S1 11 gra a02
12 Bad Wolf

Meet The Bad Wolf Controller

Major Enemy: Daleks

The Parting of the Ways (7)
13 The Parting Ways Major Enemy: Daleks
Bad wolf entity